Law Entrance Exams 2017 - How to prepare Legal Aptitude

Legal Aptitude is the most important and crucial part of Law Entrance Examinations. Your first encounter with them may simply prompt you to skip these questions.
Stop, it is very interesting and simple part and you may secure highest marks in this part after acquainting yourself with the requisite basic concepts.
Believe us these are very simple
Further, these are the basic skills, a lawyer in –the- making must possess
Let us have a guided tour of this part

General Scheme-The numbers of questions asked under this section in CLAT and AILET and the importance of this section is as under-

Name of the Exam No of Questions Marks Remarks
CLAT 50 50
Tie - When 2 or more candidates obtain equal marks
In CLAT, in the event of tie the marks obtained
in this section work as tie-breaker and the candidate
securing higher marks in this section is selected
AILET 35 35 --

Types of questions asked in the section

Two categories of questions are asked in this section-


Different types of questions asked in this section as illustrated below-
A- Memory/prior knowledge based questions -
This section tests your memory in the form of prior knowledge of important legal facts. Each question is followed by multiple choices. You are required to identify the correct answer and to mark it in the answer sheet in the given way.

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