Your Fundamental Rights

Part III of Our Constitution confers following Fundamental Rights-

Nature of Rights Relevant Articles
Right to equality 14 to 18
Right to equality 19 to 22
Right against exploitation 23 -24
Right to freedom of religion 25-28
Cultural and educational rights 29-30

The Constitution further guarantees the right to move the Hon’ble Supreme Court under Article 32 to enforce these rights.

The Hon’ble Supreme Court has the power to issue the appropriate directions for the enforcement of these rights through-

  • Direction
  • Order, or
  • Writs


The words used in the legal world have different meanings in different Jurisdictions and also in the schemes of various Acts/Legislations. For example, the normal dictionary meaning of the word ‘publication’ is the act of declaring or announcing to the public. However, in the law of tort it means the communication of defamatory words or gestures to someone other than the person defamed. Our sincere endeavour is to increase general legal literacy of a layman. For specific meaning of any word/expression, relevant Act/Legislation may be referred to or expert legal opinion be obtained in the background facts of the specific cases and/or circumstances. It is clarified that neither Manu Law Classes P Limited nor the Service Provider M/s Learning Blocks Technologies P Limited will be responsible for any damage or loss or action to anyone, of any kind, in any manner arising therefrom