Sample Tests - for UPSC Exam

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Given below is a Sample test for UPSC Exam. This Sample paper will help you ascertain important questions for the Polity section in the exam and is bound to help you achieve a great score in the section. This would also help you get a feel of our Online Testing platform and see the powerful features which can help you analyze your weak areas & which will help you master the art of taking Objective exams and ace them.

Sample Tests

Test Name Duration Exam Action
UPSC 2017 Sample paper for Indian Polity 90 mins UPSC 2017 Take Test

How to take the Sample Test

The following steps can be followed to take the Sample paper on UPSC exam:

  1. Upon clicking on the Take test link, you would be taken to a new page, where you would see a list of all the Sample tests we are offering for the various segments.
  2. Please choose the Sample test you want to take and then click on the Take test button below the test.
  3. Please fill the necessary details required to Sign-up if you are not already signed up on our platform. If you are already signed up, then you can login
  4. You will be shown the instructions to take the test. Please read them carefully.
  5. You can then click on the Start test button to start taking the test.
  6. As soon as you are through, you will be given the various Reports and analytics on the test.
  7. You can access the Reports, analytics and the test at a later point by logging into the platform and going to the Results section.

We believe this Sample paper will significantly improve your score in the exam if you attempt it with full seriousness.
We have also released an E-book recently called "WE, THE PEOPLE and Our Constitution", which is going to help you greatly in the Indian Constitution and Polity sections in the exam. To read more about the E-book, please click here

Sample questions from the paper