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Telegram - One stop resource

Telegram - One Stop Resource

The response we have got on our channel is phenomenal. Having said that the Legally Yours has now become a key resource for anyone preparing for any type of law entrance examination be it CLAT, AILET, DU, SLAT or even UPSC Law Optional. The platform has now become a reliable and one stop resource for anyone preparing for such examinations and those who have aspired to do wonders in the exam

Given below is a general schedule of content being uploaded daily

One passage a day- The CLAT Way

A successful legal professional requires mastery over the art of drawing inference, comprehending assertions etc. from the given facts as illustrated above, throughout life.

That’s why CLAT Consortium governing admissions to elite 22 NLUs and 77 other Law Schools has decided to ascertain your suitability to this most sought after profession by asking only passages based questions from 2020 onwards. Each passage will be followed by a series of questions that will require you to read, comprehend, draw inference & conclusion, summarize, compare arguments & understand the meaning of phrases used in the passage

Therefore, to keep you ahead, simply we provide One Passage a Day- The CLAT Way followed by a CLAT pattern exercise crafted by our expert mentors and experts to make you a master of this art not only for effortlessly acing CLAT, but also to chisel the fine lawyer in you…..

-Contemporary significant events, happenings both National as well as International

-Arts and culture,

-Historical events of continuing significance, and

-Major legal issues including Bills, Amendments, landmark judgments, Law Commission’s Reports etc and so on…...

B- Words from the legal world- 3 a Day

The CLAT Consortium expects all their law students to be very good at Comprehending anything under the Sun which includes all kinds of reading genres. Thus, it is very important for you to be familiar with legal terms frequently used by various Courts including Hon’ble Supreme Court, High Courts, Tribunals etc which you never came across so far, and there is every likelihood of finding these terms in your next law entrance exam. The good news is, we are providing you “Words from the legal world- 3 a Day” the MLC special, specially for you. Sincerely aspiring to carve out of you one of the finest lawyers of the country.

These words are curated by our experts from Hon’ble Supreme Court, High Courts Judgments and Articles by renowned personalities of the Legal World.

Monthly Specials

A candidate who seeks to take the CLAT-2020 entrance exam. He/she has to have an eclectic reading habit. Keeping the consortium’s concern about a candidate to have a very good command over comprehending anything under the Sun. We become indispensable, as we present before you our Online Tests (OLTs) in pdf form containing important questions, fully explained pertinent to Not only CLAT but also AILET and Other Law Entrance Exams that will help you ace any law entrance exams.