These are integral part of the Enrollment Form to be filled up by the candidate or by guardian after reading carefully the below mentioned Terms and Conditions. The signature made at the appropriate column signifies that these have been accepted. The enrollment of the candidate in our institution is made subject to the acceptance of the following conditions by the Guardian/Candidate and their compliance is mandatory. In case it is found any time that the conditions at (1) and (2) below are not followed, expulsion shall be made immediately without any warning. However, non-compliance of other conditions shall first be communicated and opportunities be given for improvement. In case these are still not complied with, we reserve the right of expulsion without any further communication.

  1. The students enrolled for class room training will show proper respect whenever the National Anthem is played in the premises.
  2. The candidate shall always show proper respect to the underprivileged students as well as to the students from North East.
  3. He will always work hard and follow the instructions of the faculty
  4. He will show proper respect to faculty, the dignitaries who visit us as well as to the fellow students.
  5. He will attend the classes and the tests regularly. Absence will first be notified through SMSs/Mails and thereafter through personal contacts by the Student Welfare Executive.
  6. There will be an assigned Mentor of the candidate keeping in view his capabilities. The change if any, shall only be made by the Chief Mentor after appreciating his performance.
  7. We do not undertake filing of respective forms.
  8. Chief Mentor may be contacted on working days during 9-30 am to 6 pm for enquiring about the progress of the candidate. Alternatively, you may view his performance on our website through the assigned login ID.
  9. Guardians are expected to attend the interactive seminars in the interests of their candidate.
  10. We own the copyright of our study material as well as tests. The candidate shall not use the material provided by us in any other way.
  11. Using Mobile Phones in the premises is strictly prohibited. It will always be kept in the switched off mode.
  12. The course material/bag provided to the candidate, if lost, will be provided on the printed price/s only.
  13. The fee once deposited under crash course(s), is not refundable under any circumstances.
  14. The fee paid for class room courses is refundable only within 30 days of enrollment subject to the deduction of 35% of the total fee to cover Service Tax, processing charges and courseware. In respect of online test series 35% will be deducted to cover service tax and processing charges and the remaining sum shall be refunded proportionately subject to the test series attempted.
  15. We shall not be responsible for any mishap in our premises due to natural calamity or the circumstances over which we have no control.
  16. We reserve the rights to publish your photographs through print/electronic media to encourage others to join us in pursuit of quality training.
  17. In case of any dispute, the issue shall first be resolved through mutual discussion/consent, than by Arbitration. The Court at Delhi shall have exclusive Jurisdiction over such matters.