CLAT Exam Day Guidelines
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CLAT Exam Day Guidelines

Enlisted below is the basic code of conduct that needs to be followed on the D-Day

  • Candidates must bring the admit card and a valid ID proof such as Aadhar, Voter ID, Passport etc.
  • Each and every candidate needs to participate in the thermal screening process.
  • Aspirants need not form groups or crowds at places. Maintaining social distance is a must.
  • Nothing except the prescribed items are allowed within the exam centre. The list of the permitted items is given below.
  • Study material, paper or calculator are prohibited inside the examination centre.
  • The exam is supposed to be conducted through a CBT (Computer-Based-Test) mode. Students are expected to be familiar with the usage of computers. An aspirant can also practice through CLAT Mock test on
  • Reach the exam centre on time. Entry would not be granted to latecomers.
  • Verify the seating arrangement soon after entering the exam venue to avoid any hassle.
CLAT Guidelines for PwD Category Candidates
PwD candidates who are appearing for CLAT 2020 will have to arrange their own Reader/Lab Assistant/Scribe and inform the Regional Coordinator beforehand. The Reader/Scribe/Lab Assistant's qualifications should be below the qualification of the test-taking candidates. Candidates will also need to carry their PwD certificates along with the CLAT admit card to the exam centre.

CLAT Exam Day Guidelines for Banned Items
All the items except for the ones prescribed by the conducting body will be banned in the examination hall. Few of them are as follows.
  • Any kind of metallic substances
  • Food items
  • Electronics or gadgets such as headphones, headset and health band, camera, Bluetooth, cell phone, pager, microphones etc.
  • Items like goggles, wallets, caps, handbags and belts are banned
  • Study materials or stationery items are not allowed inside other than the one mentioned on the notification. Candidates cannot take pencil box, books, paper, calculator, plastic pouch, pen drive, eraser, log table, paper bits, writing pads, electronic pens, scanner etc.

CLAT Dress Code
Aspirants are required to meet the dress code guidelines issued by CLAT body. Any candidate found not complying with them will be disqualified from the exam.
  • The aspirant needs to wear clothes with half sleeves. They should also not have a badge or big button which can be used to hide materials.
  • Candidates must wear light colored clothes in order to eliminate any chance of concealing any kind of cheating material.
  • Shoes are not allowed in the exam centre. Candidates must either wear sandals or slippers.
  • CLAT does not have a safekeeping place so the aspirants must not carry expensive or precious materials with them.
  • Candidates must not carry nose pins, rings, badges, chains etc. at any cost.

In Case of Misconduct
It is suggested to all the individuals who are going to appear in the CLAT that they must not create any sort of nuisance in the exam centre. In a case where someone is found misbehaving in the centre in any realm, they will have to face negative results. The candidates who will be found guilty of the following will not be entertained at all:
  1. Making use of any debarred items in the hall
  2. Trying to impersonate or mimic someone
  3. Misbehaving during the interview or at the time of the exam
  4. Using the candidature in the wrong means in any way

The negative results that will be faced are as follows:
  • The aspirants can be disqualified from the exam on the spot
  • Candidates can be debarred on a temporary or permanent basis from the procedure of recruitment
  • If any guideline is not taken into consideration at the time of the selection process but after the selection process, the disqualification will still be practiced for that student

CLAT Exam Day Instructions FAQs
Q. Is the Calculator allowed in CLAT Exam?
Ans: No, Calculator is not allowed in the CLAT Exam 2020. Also, no their electronic gadgets are allowed in the exam hall. Candidates must ensure to follow the complete CLAT Exam Day Instructions without violating.

Q. What are the ID proofs required on the day of the CLAT Exam?
Ans: Candidates must carry one Photo ID proof for verification like Aadhar Card, Driving License, PAN card, etc.

Q. Will there be any thermal screening at the CLAT Exam Center?
Ans: Yes, Candidates will be thermally screened at the exam center dates. Any candidate found having a temperature above 99.14 F will be sent to the isolation lab for taking up the exam.

Q. Can I carry my personal hand sanitizer to the CLAT Exam?
Ans: Yes, you can carry your own personal hand sanitizer of 50 ml to the exam hall.

Q. Is it safe to take up the exam in the current situation?
Ans: If everyone follows the CLAT Exam Day Guidelines then it is safe to take up the exam. Ensure to follow all the guidelines for the CLAT Exam provided by the authorities for safe conduction of the exam.