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Platinum Batch – DU 1 Year Course 2023

Ideal for those who have graduated or yet to graduate

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Price ₹45000 ₹35000/-

Courses highlights

  • Counselling, mentoring and guidance by legal luminaries, experienced legal professionals and academicians for pursuing law as a career
  • 250+ hours of recorded conceptual lectures across diverse topics in Law Entrance Examinations
  • 150+ tests spread across Topic & Sectional Tests
  • Live Mock Video Analysis

Courses details

  • Classes under the leadership of Ex Assistant Professor for Law, Campus Law Center, Delhi University
  • Total teaching hours: 220+ hours
  • Well-researched material on English, Legal aptitude, General knowledge, Logical reasoning, and Mathematics consisting of 20 books
  • Access to state of the art LMS, for online practice, performance tracking, updates, regular communication and resolving doubts within 24 hours
  • DAILY PRACTICE SHEETS: Every Class Is Supported By Assignments
  • Offline TEST SERIES
  • Special online/offline workshops by the founders and retired judges/Ex ASGs to complement and consolidate your learnings
  • Access to 5000+ PRACTICE Questions
  • Personalized Career Counseling
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions

  • Length: 365 Days
  • Class duration: 7 – 8 hours per week, Mon-Fri
  • Institution: DU
  • Subjects: English, LA, LR, Quant, GK
  • Quizzes: Yes
  • Level: Introductory
  • Language: English
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Book Demo