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Warriors Batch – CLAT/OLET 2026 Online Program

CLAT/OLET - 2 Year Online Program 2026

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Price ₹130000 ₹100000/-

Courses highlights

  • Method of Teaching can be availed in both OFFLINE CLASSROOM PROGRAM(Physical classroom) and ONLINE LIVE CLASSES(Virtual Classroom)
  • Ideal for those currently in Class 11th and want to pursue their career in Law.
  • 500+ hours of live advanced training / physical classroom lectures by instructors, being Ex Faculty DU, NLU Alumni
  • 80 Full Length Mock Tests(40 CLAT, 20 AILET, 5 SLAT, 5 LSAT, 3 MH CET, 2 JMI, 5 OLET)
  • Mandatory English improvement Module based on Class XI & XII syllabus, leading case laws, world renowned autobiographies, editorials etc developed by well experienced in-house permanent faculty
  • Well-researched material on English, Legal aptitude, General knowledge, Logical reasoning, and Mathematics(Set of 20 books)
  • More than 4000 static GK MCQs, fully explained-covering History, Geography, Science and Technology, Economy etc duly supported by corresponding lessons
  • 1000 Chapter wise fully explained MCQs on Constitution of India including on Constitutional Development, FRs, DPSPs, Union and State Executive, Judiciary, etc.
  • 70 Curated passages, each followed by 5 to 7 fully explained MCQs introducing you to basic facts of India, enhancing simultaneously your critical reasoning abilities
  • More than 500 fully explained frequently asked questions
  • Special online workshops by the founders and retired judges/Ex ASGs to complement and consolidate your learnings
  • Unlimited Viewing - Backup of live lectures
  • 5000+ questions to practice from the Question Bank created by NLU students & renowned experts
  • Access to state of the art LMS, for online practice, performance tracking, updates, regular communication and resolving doubts within 24 hours

  • Length: 730 Days
  • Class duration: Weekdays(9 hours per week) or Weekends(8 hours per week)
  • Subjects: ENG, GK, LA, LR and QA
  • Quizzes: Yes
  • Language: English
Book Demo
Book Demo